LED street lighting of municipalities

The Peace Commune

Co-financing for construction? LED lighting in municipality and city

Replacing street lights is a one-time expense that guarantees savings. LED street lighting from APE LED is, in most communes, only replacing "light bulbs", the cost of which can be reduced by using subsidies, such as:

  • EuropePolish Regional Development Fund (check in your voivodeship)
    • ABOUT? Priority 3? Effective and green energy, Measure 3.4 Low-emission strategy, support for sustainable multimodal urban mobility competition for projects concerning the modernization of street lighting (streets, squares, public areas) for energy-saving.
    • ABOUT? priority 4 Low-emission economy, Measures 4.1. Support for the use of renewable energy sources
      • 4.5 Low-emission urban transport and effective lighting
    • ABOUT? priority 5 - Efficiency ?? energy and low-carbon economy, Measure 5.5 Promotion of low-carbon emissions
  • NFO? IGW (examples of funding Nowadays), in the past the SOWA program (check now if there is a new edition)
  • Investment and Renovation Budgets of Cities and Communes
  • Governmental Fund for Local Investments
  • WFO? IGW -? Modernization of energy lighting?
  • Public-private partnership (PPP)
  • Grant map?, check? from which to grant? enjoy others

Your first step towards an innovative low-carbon community with APE LED

APE LED road bulb

Each year, lighting in public places in Poland consumes thousands of GWh of energy. For municipalities using old, energy-consuming sodium lamps, we offer substitutes for sodium lamps, which are made of in the latest LED technologies and bring? high potency? savings in energy costs for lighting roads, streets and public places, improve the energy efficiency of the street lighting system in the city, and the reduction of pollutant emissions for the environment. It is estimated that in Poland there are about 3.3 million street lamps, including about 60-65% are sodium lamps, the efficiency of which is approx. is about 40%, so 60% their energy consumption is lost? ? goes up in the air ?. Replacing old sources? Lighting for energy-saving LED bulbs is many times more profitable, because it is our APE LED bulbs are characterized by si? very high performance? and therefore a very short payback period without the need to replace the entire street lamp.
The APE company enables municipalities and local government to improve? lighting efficiency through the use of LED sodium bulbs replacements in existing street luminaires. We are the authors of projects and a producer of LED bulbs replacing traditional sodium bulbs in the existing, efficient street luminaires. Our LED light sources are equipped with patented design solutions and produced in Opole. The APE company has been operating since 1984 and employs nearly 100 people, including 55 people with light and moderate disabilities.

Why is it worth to start? work with us to replace the lighting, already? now?

? we specialize in street lighting
? We offer LED bulbs with an estimated service life of 10-15 years
? The light sources are selected on the basis of projects in the Dialux program
? improvement of safety on roads and urban space by providing additional illumination of the area
? risk-free offer because? the cost of the investment pays off during 12-18 months, ie during the warranty period
? significant reduction of energy bills electric
? possibility ?? test installation of LED bulbs

Learn? more about LED street lighting from APE LED or contact us with APE LED already? now!

Ju? now enter exchanges? lighting in your action plan towards sustainable energy and start reducing? issue WHAT? with APE LED.