APE LED road bulb

APE LED LED street lamp

The intelligent LED street lamp from APE LED is:

  • LED street lamp is a direct replacement for sodium light bulbs, no need to replace the luminaire, available E27 and E40 threads, others on request
  • built-in microchip controls power? APE LED light source and allows you to obtain savings energy up to 60%-80%. Learn? more how does the power control system work? from APE LED.
  • simple installation and configuration of power in time intervals
  • reduce the carbon footprint thanks to reduced energy consumption and an extended lifetime of the light source up to 15 years

LED street lamp - Specification

LED street lamp APE LED Specification
ape led road lamp
LED street lamp specifications
led street lamp stream luminous
100W led street lamp

LED street lamp additional possibilities

Wireless, maintenance-free night power reduction system from APE LED

Polish manufacturer of street lamps APE LED

See how the APE LED power reduction system works

? Thanks to the intelligent APE LED bulbs, we have achieved significant savings in electricity costs, i.e. 50-60%, and visual savings. correct? lighting quality.
? The delivered products meet the highest standards, are durable, easy to use, do not make operational problems.?
? The delivered products meet the highest standards, are very durable ??