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APE LED led lighting manufacturer
APE LED 100W floodlight

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18 W blue fluorescent lamp

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APE LED 75W bulb

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Highbay APE LED 150W

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APE LED 17W bulb

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Industrial Lamp APE LED 20W

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"APE LED is an innovative company operating globally, such companies are the pride of the Polish economy"

Prime Minister M. Morawiecki August? 2021

Smart LED street lamps with a 7 year old? guarantee?

Wymiana o?wietlenia drogowego to oszcz?dno?? i nowe mo?liwo?ci kreowania przestrzeni publicznej. W oparciu o wieloletnie do?wiadczenie w bran?y automotive, stworzyli?my innowacyjne lampy drogowe o 15 letniej ?ywotno?ci. Sprawd?, teraz zak?adk? referencje i dowiedz si? co my?l? o lampach drogowych APE LED nasi klienci. Polski producent o?wietlenia LED.

ape led road lamp
APE LED manufacturer of LED lighting
APE LED T8 fluorescent lamp

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18 W fluorescent lamp

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APE LED bulb
APE LED E27 7W bulb

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Innovative lighting made to measure modernist interior - LED lighting manufacturer

Designers appreciated APE LED for its solid workmanship, long service life and wide gam? products. An example could be this Warsaw loft project.

The product portfolio of the Polish manufacturer of innovative lighting - APE LED

The wide range of APE LED products is suitable for for the needs of local governments, enterprises and individual clients. Each product is technically refined and solidly made. When designing innovative LED lighting, we pay attention to details that make us stand out. Check? now what distinguishes our innovative LED light sources.

APE LED driving lamp

LED street lamps

Intelligent light source from APE LED [Polish manufacturer of LED lighting] for use in street lamps.

  • bezpo?redni zamiennik ?arówek sodowych, brak konieczno?ci wymiany oprawy, dost?pne trzonki E27 i E40
  • wbudowany mikroprocesor steruje moc? ?ród?a ?wiat?a APE LED i pozwala uzyska? oszcz?dno?? energii do 80%. Learn? more how does the power control system work? from APE LED.
  • prosty monta? i konfiguracja mocy w przedzia?ach czasowych
  • zredukcja ?ladu w?glowego dzi?ki zmniejszeniu zu?ycia energii i wyd?u?onej nawet do 15 lat ?ywotno?ci ?ród?a ?wiat?a

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Industrial LED lamps - Highbay LED

Highbay LED with a power from 20W to 150W is a natural successor to sodium and metal halide bulbs. Industrial lamp with high efficiency Light sources up to 190 lm / W (the metal halide lamp is only 80-125 lm / W). When designing this solution, we applied a number of innovations that improve the comfort of people in the industrial space:

  • we have created a compact a design that fits most luminaires
  • we introduced an automatic and maintenance-free microchip that controls the power luminous flux that changes power after a sequence of clicks? on the switch (can be dimmed and brightened - power levels 25%, power 50%, power 75% and power 100%) without the need to install additional devices?
  • our engineers have designed industrial lamps that limit the generation of inductive reactive power
  • instalacja Highbay od APE LED jest prostsza i szybsza ni? innych lamp przemys?owych, gdy? nie wymaga stosowania szklanej os?ony oprawy ?arówki, która utrudnia wymian? ?róde? o?wietlenia na wysoko?ci w halach przemys?owych

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linear lighting

LED Linear Lighting

The attractive design of linear lighting is the answer to to the needs of more demanding customers looking for high-quality lighting for office, sales, production and industrial-warehouse spaces. Linear lighting from APE LED is distinguished by:

  • possibility ?? power control? horizontal dimming / brightening 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%
  • a wide range of lengths allows you to integrate linear lighting for the most unusual interiors
  • installation at heights from 2 to 18 m with the beam of light adjusted to the height
  • operation in emergency lighting mode (additional option)

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APE LED floodlights

LED floodlight

In the range of our products you can find? si? floodlights with the power of 9W - 200 W for mounting at heights of 2 - 14 m. A comprehensive solution for simple mounting with the possibility of mounting power regulation is a solution that works well for as illumination of parking lots, bridges, illumination of historical structures and others. Our floodlights are distinguished by:

  • zabezpieczenie termiczne umo?liwiaj?ce prac?  w temperaturach od -30 ? up to +50 ?.
  • a wide range of accessories for floodlights such as external housings, mounting systems, parallel and other.
  • possibility ?? power regulation
  • power factor cos? ? 0.91

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LED fluorescent lamps

LED fluorescent lamps

APE LED will create? real fluorescent lamp LED 2.0, which in an innovative way ensures high comfort of work, imitating light close to natural. Savings and increased productivity thanks to:

  • adjusting the angle of light emission to the height of the room from 2 to 9 m
  • the possibility of programming and adjusting the power of fluorescent lamps from 5% to 100%, in order to obtain the highest comfort of work for employees at any time of the day or night
  • simple installation and configuration thanks to the use of standard G5 and G13 bases

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Aquarium fluorescent lamp

Aquarium LED fluorescent lamps

Innovative aquarium fluorescent tube, when designing this product, we analyzed customer expectations and designed a fluorescent tube that:

  •  changes the power of light during the day and night, imitating the natural daily cycle without additional devices
  • it occurs in several wavelength characteristics in the spectrum to better imitate nature? and creates? better conditions for fish and plants.
  • extended service life thanks to the high-quality components, this solution will last for years, because we know how you don't like replacing Fluorescent lamps in the aquarium

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linear system

Modular LED system

Monta? Single-sided LED fluorescent lamps were never used. simpler than with our modular system. The modular system from APE LED makes it easy to build single and double LED light lines. Fittings for T8 and T5 fluorescent tubes.

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APE LED bulb

LED bulbs

LED bulb - the most universal item in the APE LED manufacturer's offer.

Conventional light bulbs have changed, evolved from glowing in carbon fiber vacuum, through the first fluorescent lamps (neon), fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps, and after LED lighting.

LED "bulb" from APE LED is another revolution and a new dimension in the quality of the light source.

  • Efficiency ?? Source: up to 160 lm / W
  • Stream? Luminous: up to 4320lm
  • Power factor cos? ? 0.91
  • Distinguishing functionality Light source (light bulb) APE LED is based on the use of a processor that controls the lighting. Processor allows? Makes changes? lighting power without additional devices (twisted? etc.). On / off sequence (simple toggle switch, click and find out more how it works a) change power, LED bulbs dimmer? si? and brighten up. If you have a small lighting section, our light bulb will give you the opportunity to lighting control, you just need to screw? light bulb from APE LED, the rest? our technology will do for you. On special request, we can program would the processor change? power over time (example: external lighting in a house may reduce the power to 50% after 11 p.m. and generate additional savings).

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APE LED bulb FOR 75 W

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Zakopane Krupówki APE LED

APE LED ?arówka ZA 55W

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APE LED ?arówka ZA 55W

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APE LED ?arówka ZA 55W

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Get to know our projects in Europe, APE LED road lighting illuminates capitals, cities, towns, housing estates and communal streets. Our customers appreciated APE LED for its price-quality ratio and measurable financial benefits. Savings when installed, APE LED lighting is even 60%. Can you increase? savings thanks to programmable lighting power change systems. For example, Road lighting can work as well. with power? 100 % up to 22, between 22-24 with power 75%, and 24 with power? 25%. more


“Thanks to the intelligent APE LED bulbs, we have achieved significant savings in electricity costs, i.e. 50-60%, and in visual energy costs. correct? lighting quality. "

the head of the Besko commune